Kanye West’s Laptop Stolen In Paris And A New Song Leaks

Kanye West’s Laptop Stolen In Paris And A New Song Leaks

Some people really cannot wait for the release of Kanye’s upcoming album, “So Help Me God”. The Yeezus fiends are desperately in need of more #bars, so they took matters into their own hands.  While in Paris, Kanye’s laptop was stolen. He had songs for his upcoming project stored on the laptop. The thieves are threatening to release the entire album without Kanye’s consent. Malik Yusef, who frequently collaborates with Kanye and other G.O.O.D. Music artists, tweeted the following:

This is really happening y’all! Today, the bandit(s) released the track, “Awesome”. Kanye originally played the track at the Met Gala two years ago, and the song is supposed to be about his wife Kim Kardashian. The track is laced in auto-tune and delivers all the feels of 808s & Heartbreak.

Long before Kanye released “All Day”, snippets of the song leaked online. As soon the track “Wolves” premiered at  the Adidas fashion show, hazy audio for the song was released online. Earlier this week, Ye also released his video for “All Day”, directed by Steve McQueen. Attempts to rip the video have already been made and snippets appear all over Instagram. There is no doubt about it, Yeezy season has official arrived.

Seriously, Kanye should just drop the entire album on us tomorrow. Give the people what they want!

Listen to the track right here:

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