8 Funny Al Bundy Memes

8 Funny Al Bundy Memes

Al Bundy kept us laughing through the late 80’s and into the 90’s. The shoe salesman who was Married…with Children never had a dull moment. From the bickering between him and his wife, Peggy, to his financial difficulties, Al Bundy always seemed to find himself in a situation we could laugh at. Although you can still catch re-runs, the last new episode aired in 1997. Since then, internet memes have become a ‘thing’ and Al Bundy is one of the main meme stars. Check out these funny Al Bundy memes and let us know if we forgot any.


al bundy meme dream


al bundy meme women


al bundy meme 4 touchdowns


al bundy meme dog poo

MemesĀ #4-8

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