The Highest Paid DJ’s

The Highest Paid DJ’s

Ever wonder which of your favorite DJs makes the most money? Some of these guys seem to be constantly touring, performing multiple times a week. They draw tens of thousands of fans at each concert and leave the crowd wanting more. Their groupies follow them around the country and go to all of  their shows. With all of these fans and all of these concerts, how much are these DJs really making? Thankfully, Forbes has put out a list of the highest paid DJs of  2014. Together, the top 10 Djs made $268 million, 11% more than the  top 10 on the 2013 list. Who said EDM is dying?


avicii10. Deadmau5 –  $16 million

It is not uncommon for Deadmau5 to rake  in a half million dollars  for one festival. The costumed DJ also kills it with apparel sales. Although he doesn’t play a ton of shows, he makes his performances count and still brought in $16 million. The Canadian DJ’s father attributes his son’s stage name to an event is his  teenage years when his computer broke. When the teenager opened up his computer to see what the burning smell was, he found  a dead mouse.


9. Skrillex – $16.5 million

Skrillex continues to stack paper. He is a icon in the EDM scene. He grew up in California and started his music career as the lead singer in the rock band From First to Last. Skrillex attended boarding school and private school while growing up, but was bullied so his parents decided to homeschool him. Maybe some of his dark tracks are rooted in the experiences he had being bullied growing up.


8. Kaskade – $17 million

Playing 120 shows in the last 12 months, this father of three has been raking in the dough for some years  now. The former Japanese tour guide  has been nominated for a Grammy and has worked with other famous DJs  such as deadmau5. Another fun fact, Kaskade’s “I Remember” is featured  on a level  of GoldenEye 007 for Nintendo Wii.


7. Zedd – $21 million

Zedd was once coached by Skrillex, but is  now  out-earning his mentor. Zedd’s album Clarity went platinum for the single Clarity. Zedd also produced songs for Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. On top of all of this, Zedd also raised his nightly fee  from about $20,000 to the six figure  range. At 24 years old, Zedd has some pretty fat pockets.


6. Afrojack – $22 million

Afrojack grew up in the Netherlands and started  playing the piano at a young age. He played nearly 150 shows in the last year and is also endorsed  by  Nike, and has his  own clothing collection with G-Star RAW. Afrojack recently ditched  his residency at  the  Wynn to play at Hakkasan.


5. Steve Aoki – $23 million

The DJ who is famous for playing endless shows and gracing his fans with cakes to the face brought in a not too shabby $23 million last year. Aoki played an amazing 277 shows in the last year, sometimes performing 3 times in one day.  Steve Aoki has said in interviews that he takes short naps between shows to stay energized. Wonder if he has any other secret elixirs? Besides playing a ton of shows, Aoki also has sponsorships from Bud  Light, Guitar Center, and other major brands. He also has equity in the headphone company Sol Republic.


3. (tie) Tiesto – $28 million

Tiesto, the Dutch EDM DJ, got his name from a variation of his childhood nickname. Tiesto was also the first DJ to play live at the Olympics when he played in Athens in 2004. Tiesto brought in $28 million in the last year while playing over 100 shows.


3. (tie) Avicii – $28 million

Tim Bergling, better known to his fans as Avicii, is a 24 year old Swedish DJ who is famous for his first major hit “Wake Me Up.” Avicii  played over 80 gigs during the last 12 month  period and consistently rakes in six figures at each performance.


2. David Guetta – $30 million

David  Guetta, who was born in France and started his career playing at European nightclubs, is the second  most grossing DJ in 2014. The DJ not only performs a ton of shows and has a residency in Ibiza, but also went on tour with Rihanna and created songs for  Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.


1. Calvin Harris – $66 million

Calvin Harris started his carrier stocking grocery shelves and now rakes in tens of millions a year by making beats. Calvin Harris played more than 125 gigs in the 12 month period, including his residency at Hakkasan in Las Vegas and performances at festivals such as Coachella. On top of all of his shows, Harris also produces beats for  leading pop artists such as  Rihanna and Kesha.

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