Terminator 2 Inspires Cool New 3D Printer Technology

Terminator 2 Inspires Cool New 3D Printer Technology

As a Terminator junkie and product of the late 80’s, I am psyched that pieces of my childhood are inspiring really cool next level technology. If you’ve even seen Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), then without a doubt, you remember the shapeshifting, robot assassin T1000. T1000 was not to be effed with! Made of a liquid metal, T1000 could mimic anything it touched or saw with a simple molecular scan of the item.

Terminator 2 Judgment Day

A new 3D printing company, Carbon3D was inspired by the T1000 liquid metal shapeshifter. UNC scientist, Joseph DeSimone describes the new method as “continuous liquid interface production”. Instead of printing in layers like a typical 3D printer, the Carbon3D features a continuous liquid technology which continuously forms a new object.

Continous 3D printer

The best part of it all, instead of taking hours to print, you can have a new product in minutes. This video sums it up in less than 2 minutes.

What would you make if you had a 3D printer? The 3D printer “babies” is the best idea I’ve seen so far. Since 3D printers are so expensive, why not make your own? I’m going to dig through the crates and binge on some childhood movies to find inspiration for the next groundbreaking company. While I do that, check out this video for more inspiration. And, if you need some hardware to set up a new lab or workshop, head on over to Facility Gear!

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