Egyptian Woman Dressed as Man for 43 Years to Provide for Family

Apparently, Justin Bieber isn’t a woman who pretends to be a man (from what we have been told), but what if Justin was really a woman named Biebette that dressed up as

Paula Deen’s New Game Commercial is Creepy as Hell

America’s favorite lovable household racist is back with her own mobile game. If you thought the bizarre saga of the Paula Deen brand was over after, you are sadly mistaken. In

Check Out the Contact Lens that has 3x Zoom

As wearable technology continues to expand, scientists at EPFL in Switzerland are developing enhanced contact lenses implanted with tiny mirrors that can enlarge the wearer’s vision by up to three

Guy Has Seizure While Skydiving

I’ve always though that people who skydive are nuts. I just never understood why someone would want to jump out of a plane thousands of feet above the ground. There

Meet the Youngest Professional Skateboarder Ever

Meet Sky…the 6 year old that is setting the bar for young skaters world wide. Sky is on her way to being the youngest pro skater ever and may be one

Kanye West Posts Nude Pictures of Kim Kardashian On Twitter

If there was ever a doubt that Kayne West balls so hard, he took to Twitter just to remind everyone. SWISH after SWISH, Mr. West posted tasteful? nudes of his

You Are Not Dreaming, Kendrick Drops Album a Week Early

The highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed good kid, m.A.A.d city appeared out of the blue Sunday night on iTunes. Although Kendrick Lamar original hinted at a March 23rd

Busted! Lindsay Lohan’s Photoshop Fail Goes Viral

Every time the name ‘Lindsay Lohan’ hits the headlines, the first thing people usually ask themselves is “wait, isn’t that the girl from The Canyons, Scary Movie 5 and InAPPropriate

How To Win At Instagram Without Selling Your Soul

When I felt the pressure to have a strong social media presence as a model and blogger, at first I was a bit discouraged.  I looked at my measly 234 followers and

Man Receives First Fully-Functional Penis Transplant | “IT’S ALIVE!”

“IT’S ALIIIIVE!” In a news story that could easily have been ripped from John Bobbitt’s 1996 porno flick Frankenpenis, South African surgeons have successfully completed the first transplant of a fully-functional

Hate the New MacBook? This Apple Engineer Does Too

If you’re like me and have been scratching your head concerning the lack of ports on the new MacBook, we have a video for you. An Apple engineer explains how

Kid Flips King James the “Double Bird”

Looks like Lebron James may have upset some Spurs Fans tonight, especially this young boy. After a very impressive block on the Spurs Tony Parker the camera pans up the