Man Walks Thousands of Miles And Takes Selfies Along The Way

During the fall of 2007, Christoph Rehage– a travel writer and adventurer decided to walk from Beijing to Germany. An entire year later, Rehage’s face had changed dramatically from the first

Terminator 2 Inspires Cool New 3D Printer Technology

As a Terminator junkie and product of the late 80’s, I am psyched that pieces of my childhood are inspiring really cool next level technology. If you’ve even seen Terminator

Arizona Man Snapchats His Own Shooting

Isaac Martinez, 20, of Mesa Arizona threw caution to the wind Wednesday when he took a selfie on snapchat after just being shot in an apparent car jacking. Screw calling

Brazilian Student Drinks 25 Shots in 60 Seconds

23 year-old Brazilian Humberto Moura Fornseca was partying with college friends at Julio de Masquita University when someone had the idea to organize a competition. Whoever thought this up seriously

Not All Good In The Hood? Justin Bieber Might Be The World’s Worst Neighbor

Does this kid even make music anymore? Wild-child Justin Bieber continues to make the news for all the wrong reasons today, with TWO separate stories detailing his neighborhood antics. After

Madonna and Justin Bieber Play ‘Never Have I Ever’ on Ellen

We have all played ‘Never Have I Ever’ drunk with our friends, probably in a college dorm room at 3:30 AM on Saturday. None of us, however, have friends as

Matching Air Jordan XI Shoeprint May Prove Aaron Hernandez Is Guilty Of Murder!

The Aaron Hernandez case, which has been going on nearly 2 years strong this June, has recently produced a new and interesting morsel of evidence against the former New England Patriot

Guy Does Crazy Treadmill Dance to Uptown Funk

I’ve been trying to bring more excitement to the gym. My usual free weight and and treadmill routine has been getting lame. However, this guy may have just inspired me

‘I’m Actually Black’, MSNBC Panel On Race Gets Cringeworthy

With Starbucks new company policy allowing employees to openly discuss race, Jay Smooth and Nancy Giles join Chris Hayes to debate the topic. The conversation started very meaningful, but after

Azealia Banks Hates on Kendrick, Lorde, and Fat White Americans

he Self-Proclaimed Queen of Hip Hop is back at it again. In her cover story of Aprils issue of Playboy, Banks- who famously starts feuds with fellow entertainers- runs through

Catch Up on Noisey Atlanta’s 10-Part Documentary on the Mecca of Trap Music

ATL has without a doubt established itself as the most prolific city in Hip Hop Music today, having produced more mainstream urban music hits than much larger and older markets such as

Miley Cyrus Officially a Pornstar?

I guess you can add porn to the list of Miley Cyrus accomplishments now. Her music video, “Tongue Tied,” directed by Quentin Jones is going to be appearing at the