College Students Create Machine that Puts Out Fires with Sound Waves

Some college students spend their time at school building devices to help them drink beer quickly. You should have seen the beer funnel I made that weaved down my building’s

12 Things That Make Your Bachelor Pad Look Tacky

If there’s anything I’ve learned in college, it’s that younger me had terrible taste when it came to sprucing up my living space. Had I known then what I know

US Federal Government Takes Critical Step Towards MDMA Decriminalization

In recent years, MDMA, the substance more commonly known as “Molly” or “Ecstacy” has emerged from existing mostly within the underground rave music party scene into a widely-used and mentioned drug throughout mainstream pop culture. Despite changing

Rich Homie Quan Snuffs A Bouncer, Escapes on Speedboat | Rapper Antics of the Day

Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan, famous for his Billboard-hit single “Some Type of Way,” obviously felt some type of way last night when he couldn’t get into Miami’s club LIV.

Have an Annoying Gluten Intolerant Friend? Then Watch This Video!

All of us have one of those friends that are gluten intolerant. They may come out to a restaurant, but won’t eat anything except rabbit food. “Uh, I’ll have some

NFL Ravens Offensive Lineman John Urschel Is A Mathematical Genius And You Didn’t Even Know It

As a self-proclaimed sapiosexual, I must say, NFL Ravens offensive lineman, John Urscel is everything and more. The Penn State grad recently took to Twitter to announce the release of

When You Dunk So Hard It Goes in Twice

Crazy stuff happens out on the hardwood, especially at Tournament time. The NCAA Tournament seems to bring the best out of athletes. Sam Dekker, a small forward on the Wisconsin

Fashion Stylist of 20 Years Lays It All Out

Former punk rocker Galadriel Masterson is a well-seasoned fashion stylist and true New Yorker.  She shares her story of how she made it in one of the most competitive industries,

Chance The Rapper Releases A VICE Short Film ‘Mr. Happy’ And It’s Dark

Laced with asphyxiation, pills, multiple suicide attempts and overall depression, Mr. Happy is a short film co-directed by our favorite acid rapper, Chance the Rapper. After this short film, he’ll

Should Kanye West Headline the 2015 Glastonbury Festival, Or Nah?

Headlining this year’s Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England (June 24-28) is everybody’s favorite media punching bag and robo-dancer Kanye West! But apparently there are quite a few people unhappy with

White SXSW Festivalgoer Runs Away In Handcuffs From Cops, While Black Man Is Tasered

The justice system has been under fire as of late for the blatant discrimination of black men in America. But when there’s a moment for us to find comedic relief

Drake Admits He Had Sex with Lil Wayne’s Girlfriend

  “You Know How Dat Sh*t Go!” Champagne Papi strikes again! As if the general population of mortal men wasn’t already living in fear of Drake creeping on their girl,