TIL More Than One Person Has Been Arrested For Operating A Zamboni While Drunk

Seeing as the Stanley Cup Playoffs are well underway, I’ve been meaning to write a piece on some unorthodox hockey news. While I was watching the Detroit and Tampa Bay

Famous Psychologist Undergoes Brain Treatment To Think Like A Psychopath And Writes Book On Secrets of Success And Greatness!

When the average person thinks of the term ‘Psychopath’, we normally think of serial killers and terrorists and horrible people who have done unspeakable things. However, that is a very

Tribeca Film Festival Documentary Film Offers Never-Before-Seen Look Into ‘The Life and Times of DJ AM’

Rinse Daily was blessed to be in attendance for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere screening of the new and much-anticipated biopic “As I AM: The Life And Time$ of DJ

Ingredients for Ribeye Steak

Ingredients 1 boneless ribeye steak, 1/2 inches thick Salt Pepper 4tbsp of canola oil 3tbsp of butter 2 sprigs of Thyme 2 garlic cloves Rosemary What part of the cow

Man Goes Wild because Pot Holes are F***king Everywhere In Youngstown Ohio

Not everyone is enjoying the warmer weather we’ve been having. With all those blossoming flowers comes crazy amount of pot holes in the roads from the snow. The potholes are

Extremely Rare Quadruple Rainbow Spotted in New York

An extremely rare quadruple rainbow was spotted on Long Island in New York. The rainy weather turned into an early spring day and double rainbow pictures popped up across social

8 Funny Al Bundy Memes Part 2

Check out the other Al Bundy memes below:        

Watch People Experience -220°F for the First Time

The coldest recorded temperature on Earth is -135.8°F as of 2013. Watch as eager machinists voluntarily experience -220°F for the first time in a cryogenic therapy chamber. Is this what Walt

Uber Offers Free Rides to Drunk People Who Fail Breathalyzer

A Canadian Branch of the trendy transportation company Uber is now offering free rides home for those too shitfaced to drive home. A prototype kiosk called “Uber Safe” was set

Kanye West Jumps Into Lake At Surprise Concert In Armenia… See What Happens Next!

Kanye is straight up losing his mind and it has been amazing entertainment! While on vacation in Armenia with his wife, Kim Kardashian, Kanye decided to throw a surprise show

Watch Coachella 2015 Live Stream Here All Weekend

The first weekend of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is here! If you’re like me and you suffer from serious F.O.M.O. then we’ve got you covered. Oh! And if

Drexel University Professor Sends Anal Bead Porno to Class

An email from a professor can make your day: class is cancelled, there’s a 20 point curve on the test, here’s an anal bead porno you might want to check