Dude Won’t Shut Up and Gets Beat Down on Bus

Some people just don’t know how to shut up. The idiot in this video almost gets knocked out by one guy, who decides to get off the bus instead of

Musician Catches and Chugs Beer While Crowd Surfing

David Achter de Molen, the lead singer of John Coffey, did not expect to hydrate in the middle of his crowd surfing stunt. However, during the concert when the performer

European Sprite Commercial Gets Riskey

I always knew that European TV was a little more riskey than television in the US. However, this Sprite commercial is a little bit over the edge. I’ll tell you

Crazy Lady Shouts at Kids & Calls them snitches – Threatens to Summon the Dead

Obviously this crazy lady from West Bumblefuck USA needs to get some help. Allegedly she screams at children passing her house and threatens the camera man who taped this video

Stephen Curry Dominates Dellavedova | Undertaker Rises from the Dead

Matthew Dellavedova, the Australian out of St. Mary’s, shut down Stephen Curry in game 3 of the 2015 NBA Finals.  However, Curry rose from the dead in game 4 with 22

Hugvie: The Human-Shaped Huggable Cell Phone Case is Launching

Ever wish you could just reach out an hug your significant other when you’re speaking to them on the phone? I know I would! You’re at the office in the

A Bunch of Posers? Yoga lineage isn’t as old as you thought!

Written by: Lucie Beatrix “You create your own universe,” “Love and all is coming.”  You may be surprised to learn that what you thought was ancient Indian wisdom found in

Man Rescues Wife’s Lost Wedding Ring Using Facetime and Macbook

A wedding ring is one of the few physical objects that just can’t be replaced. You cannot just go and buy a new wedding ring if you lose yours. Wedding


Tyler the Creator may have announced the end of Odd Future tonight. They all seem to be doing pretty successful on their own with the recent release of Tyler the

Drought in California May Make Marijuana Crop More Potent

The drought in California hasn’t caused a forest fire yet, but it may help stoners get more blazed than ever. According to retired USDA ethno-botanist James Duke, when plants are

Adam Levine Gets Some Unexpected Sugar From Random Man While Signing Autographs

“Gimme some sugah! I am yo neighbor!” Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine visited the Jimmy Kimmel show studios in Hollywood yesterday afternoon, and while signing autographs for fans outside, got

Prank Proves That “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”

Guys, we’ve all been there. You see a cute girl and try to talk to her or get her number, when she drops the “I have a boyfriend” line- Conversation