Prisoner Gang Member Forces Visiting Boy to Comb Chest Hair

You see the comb…i’m gonna treat you like some bitch! Have you ever watched the show “Beyond Scared Straight“? It is a show about prisoners scaring “tough” minors shitless in

New Rapper Dan Molloy Dropped Out of College Twice

On February 10th, 2010 Dan Molloy was wrongfully accused and subsequently expelled from Cornell University. Being the only person in his family and high school’s history to actually attend an

How to Get Exclusive Rare Sneakers on Release Day

Today’s new crack head is the sneaker head ! – Mizz (Nike Town) Mizz is right!  Have your ever stood out in the rain, snow and hail for hours just to get

Man Mines Gold and Diamonds from the Streets of NYC

A man has made a hobby into a legitimate income source. Raffi Stepanian makes roughly $500 – $800 a week digging through the cracks in the sidewalk near the jewelry district

Realest OG Helps Guy Escape Cop Car

Most individuals reading this blog probably haven’t been held captive by the cops but as you have probably guessed…it really sucks.  Most of the time there is no way to open the

6 Tips for Farting Discreetly In Public

Everyone does it! Humans fart! Of course, it is considerate to pass gas in the bathroom or somewhere not near other people – but sometimes that is not possible. Whether you’re

10 Tips for Getting Rid of Your One Night Stand

Did you take someone home last night that you met when you were out? Chances are that you had a great drunk time and now that euphoric “love/lust” feeling that you had is gone.

Can You Afford an Apple Watch?

Today’s Apple conference had everyone checking their bank account balances and wallets to see if they can financially stomach the prices of the upcoming Apple Watch. I know I definitely did!

TheDrop.Club Lets You Discover the Hottest New EDM Music

For all of our games out there, you may have heard of If you haven’t, it’s basically every gamer’s dream website and channel. You can watch live streams of

Top 10 Spring 2015 Nike Basketball and Jordan Brand Releases

Springtime is upon us, which means its time to put those snow boots back in the closet where they belong. Check out our list below to sift through some of the

21 Extreme Forms of Penny Pinching

Recently, someone asked the question: ‘What is the most extreme form of penny pinching you have ever witnessed?’. To be honest, some of the replies to the question were rather

Keith Ape And The Korean/Japanese Equivalent Of OG Maco’s “U Guessed It” Is A Certified Banger [Video]

In 2014, Atlanta rapper, OG Maco suddenly stepped into the spotlight with the release of his hit track, “U Guessed It”. Up and coming Korean and Japanese rappers, Keith Ape,