Man Rescues Wife’s Lost Wedding Ring Using Facetime and Macbook

Man Rescues Wife’s Lost Wedding Ring Using Facetime and Macbook

A wedding ring is one of the few physical objects that just can’t be replaced. You cannot just go and buy a new wedding ring if you lose yours. Wedding rings have sentimental value, and a true replacement is just not possible. We have all heard about the horror stories of people losing their wedding ring in the ocean, having it stolen, or misplacing it. These people often say that they would do anything to get their lost wedding ring back.

When this man’s wife dropped her wedding ring down the air conditioning vent of their home, she thought it was gone or that they would have to call in a very costly HVAC technician to explore their ducts. However, little did she know, her husband was MacGyver.

This guy threw a bunch of different gadgets and tools together and rescued his wife’s ring. Check out the pictures below to see just how he did it. What a guy!

lost ring 1

Let me just tape this flashlight and webcam to a tape measurer. What else would I do at a time like this?


lost ring 2

And just hook my extendable flashlight camera up to my Macbook.


lost ring 3


Say what up to this wedding ring on FaceTime.


lost ring 4

Come to daddy. Someone is getting lucky tonight.

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