Hugvie: The Human-Shaped Huggable Cell Phone Case is Launching

Hugvie: The Human-Shaped Huggable Cell Phone Case is Launching

hugvie sensual with girlEver wish you could just reach out an hug your significant other when you’re speaking to them on the phone? I know I would!

You’re at the office in the cubicle chatting as the day winds down. You’re in the bathroom after lunch taking care of business.  Or, you’re driving in the car stuck in traffic. These are all times in which we’re speaking with our lovers, but just can’t get as physically close as we want to.

A futon manufacturer, robot engineers, and a textile company are collaborating in Japan to launch a cell phone case to solve that problem. You just insert your cell phone into the head of the Hugvie, place your ear over the facial region of the cushion, grab the body, and hug away! The Hugvie is launching in September and is sure to make talking on the phone a lot more intimate!

But Wait! The Hugvie also vibrates! Long distance relationships just changed forever. Even those bathroom trips at work could become a hell of a lot more interesting than a hug goodbye.

hugvie on couchHowever, this product won’t be limited to chats on the phone between people in relationships. Imagine kissing your grandma goodbye each time you speak to her on the phone! Or, maybe in version 2, you’ll be able to feel her heart beat! Good old granny : )

Miss hanging out with an old friend? Just put your phone on speaker, call your friend, and have a seat on the couch with your Hugvie. You guys will be hanging out and feel like you haven’t missed a beat. Put out some nachos and Keystone Lights to make it into a college throwback themed night! Can you guys still kill a 30 rack together within 2.5 hours?

hugvie inside

Do it all with a Hugvie! The possibilities are endless! Your new foam covered robotic friend that tickles you at night!

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