Egyptian Woman Dressed as Man for 43 Years to Provide for Family

Egyptian Woman Dressed as Man for 43 Years to Provide for Family

Justin Bieber Woman

Apparently, Justin Bieber isn’t a woman who pretends to be a man (from what we have been told), but what if Justin was really a woman named Biebette that dressed up as a man to make a living?  What if Justin Bieber is a result of the unjust civil rights issues that still linger around the world today? Sadly, there are women in this day and age, that have to pretend they are men in order to provide for their families. We have to do better people!

According to :

“An Egyptian woman who disguised herself as a man for 43 years in order to make a living for her daughter after the death of her husband was honored Tuesday by the government as the “ideal mother” of Luxor governorate. The Social Solidarity Directorate of Luxor said it was awarding the “woman breadwinner” award to Sisa Abu Daooh for her years of hard work providing for her daughter and her grandchildren.”

It’s great to see that Egypt is honoring this lady for pointing out some of the serious issues with civil rights that still exist today. Guys, imagine if you had to dress up as a woman to go to work each day to make a living. Cough, cough…Tyler Perry..cough

This is the woman being honored dressed as an Egyptian lady:

Egypt Dressed as Woman












Now this is her at her job dressed as an Egyptian man:

Egyptian woman dressed as man









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