Curtis Pierre Samsung Employee Allegedly Wiretapped Girlfriend’s Cellphone

Curtis Pierre Samsung Employee Allegedly Wiretapped Girlfriend’s Cellphone

Ladies, before giving any man the time of day, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Curtis Pierre of Brooklyn and Samsung employee is a great example why.
Curtis Pierre

Jealous men are everywhere, but apparently Curtis Pierre’s story takes it to a new level. Involved in a messy love triangle with his girlfriend and baby mother, Pierre allegedly used his company to get his women’s phones, but not without installing bugs on them so he could keep tabs on them.

His at the time girlfriend found out about Pierre’s antics, as well as the fact that through all of this he was also seeing other women, and in a confrontation that got out of hand she ended up having a confrontation with him. Not knowing when to say when, the  state protected Curtis Pierre with an order of protection and he continued speaking with her . He used the said order for blackmailed coercion. #HotMess

Again, please proceed with caution out there. The world is filled with crazies!

UPDATE: Curtis Pierre has been recently arrested for a bunch of domestic crimes !!

Curtis Pierre Crimes

Curtis Pierre Samsung Criminal

Here you can see how Curtis Pierre blackmailed his girlfriend!


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