TheDrop.Club Lets You Discover the Hottest New EDM Music

TheDrop.Club Lets You Discover the Hottest New EDM Music

For all of our games out there, you may have heard of If you haven’t, it’s basically every gamer’s dream website and channel. You can watch live streams of some of the best gamers (and also the lames) play the hottest games out, even Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies.

The creator of, Justin Kan has applied all of his knowledge of the startup world and is now venturing into the music startup scene. While he was juggling all of his other startups, he found it insanely difficult to discover new music. His solution: TheDrop.Club, “a brand new EDM discovery platform”. For now, the site only features electronic music, but those are just the vibes we need to get us prepped for our late night, fist-pumping summer raves and our sleepless, haze-filled festivals.

In related news, just last week we learned about a new site, It’s the exact same concept as, but features streams of live DJ sets all over the world. I’m sure Justin Kan regrets not thinking up this one. Oh, well. Be sure to check out the site. dj life

Finally, in honor of the late great, the notorious OG, BIG, Big Poppa, I leave you with this mix and a sweet Matoma house rendition of ‘Old Thing Back’. Happy Birthday, B.I.G. And happy MUSIC Mondaze.

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