Amazing Footage of 8 Year Old Girl Who Could Beat You Up!

Amazing Footage of 8 Year Old Girl Who Could Beat You Up!

Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, Move Over! This 8 year old girl from Kazakhstan has hands like Mayweather – she can throw 100 punches in 2 minutes – SINCE THE AGE OF FIVE!

This 8-year-old girl named Saad’vakass is a world champion fighter in the making , as evidenced by this recent video of her practicing her moves with her dad. At a young age, she has already dedicated herself to her training with motivation at a professional or even Olympic level, and it is unimaginable to think just how good she will be good at this current rate of development.

Incredible. It’s like watching footage in fast-forward on…but it is in REAL TIME! This is just  Saad’vakass being Saad’vakass. See more of that doing below:

And remember, it’s not like Saad’vakass just woke up insanely talented in the art of butt-kicking—her dad got her started very young, taking her to the gym to practice. Tireless dedication all around, really. Here’s the fireball at an even younger age, still slaying:

Not to belittle the incredible talent and respect due here, but this is pretty funny to watch on mute. It’s even funnier paired with, say, Future “March Madness” playing in the background. Crank it now and let’s look at select scenes in a new light:

Funny, now the dad goes from dedicated coach to dance battle challenger. However, the grand finale is the best part:

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