Man Receives First Fully-Functional Penis Transplant | “IT’S ALIVE!”

Man Receives First Fully-Functional Penis Transplant | “IT’S ALIVE!”

“IT’S ALIIIIVE!” In a news story that could easily have been ripped from John Bobbitt’s 1996 porno flick Frankenpenis, South African surgeons have successfully completed the first transplant of a fully-functional penis for a young South African man. The lucky gentleman, 21, had his original member amputated after a botched circumcision three years prior.

Medical contributor for Forbes, Benjamin Davies, has raised qualms with labeling this a medical “breakthrough,” as it often takes months or even years before a recipient’s body rejects a transplanted body part/organ. So far, the patient has spent several months with his new jock without issue, so it seems that things may be looking up!Penis Surgery

According to the original story, this procedure will for the time-being only be available to patients who have experienced similar medical mishaps or suffer from severe erectile dysfunction. So while it may not be time just yet to declare this an international holiday, three cheers for the guy with the new dong, who one may argue is having the best week ever. Here’s to second chances!


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