5 Urban Footwear Brands Your Friends Don’t Know About

5 Urban Footwear Brands Your Friends Don’t Know About

Tired of looking exactly like everyone else? Has stuffing the pockets of Phil Knight and Michael Jordan gotten old yet? Or maybe you are walking down a new path in life and want some different kicks to do so in. Regardless, you will enjoy checking out the brands on the list we have curated below.



Diadora – Classic Italian soccer and tennis brand that held prominence in 80s and 90s before its decline has enjoyed a revival due to the rising popularity worldwide of “Euro futsal fashion”. Diadora’s “Azzurri” collab with Teaneck, NJ-based sneaker brand Packer Shoes paid homage to the Italian national soccer team and was one of the hottest sneaker releases of the past year.



filling-pieces-2015-spring-summer-collection-00 FP2

Filling Pieces – This Amsterdam-based brand (est.2009) has positioned itself at the intersection of streetwear and high-end fashion. Exclusively hand-made in Portugal using only the finest Italian materials, yet still available for a fraction of the cost of some of its high-end sneaker counterparts.




Munich2 Gresca-Colorways

Munich – this Barcelona-based street soccer brand has enjoyed a high level success of in the Japanese market and is looking to make headway in the US market. One of the brand’s most successful activities has been to launch its “Munich My Way” its custom sneaker design tool, which offers potential customers up to 333 million color combinations.





APL2 apl1

APLAthletic Propulsion Labs, better known as APL made a name for itself in 2010 after patenting a new technology into its basketball sneakers that was guaranteed to add inches to your vertical, but was then subsequently banned from the NBA. Living by the “all publicity is good publicity” mantra, the LA-based shoemaker used this occurrence as a gimmick platform to expand its brand into the urban footwear market.





BUSCEMI – American skateboard sneaker legend Jon Buscemi launched his eponymous brand in June 2013 and has since taken the high-end sneaker market by storm with its signature “100mm” shoe. Buscemi sneakers, which are made in Italy and are allegedly produced in very limited quantities, retail in the neighborhood of $800 per pair. In a segment where it competes against century-old names such as Gucci, Prada and Versace, this brand has managed to make a name for itself at warp-speed and can be spotted on celebrities ranging from Marshawn Lynch to Victoria’s Secret supermodels.


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