21 Extreme Forms of Penny Pinching

21 Extreme Forms of Penny Pinching

Recently, someone asked the question: ‘What is the most extreme form of penny pinching you have ever witnessed?’. To be honest, some of the replies to the question were rather shocking. I’m not gonna lie, it was actually kind of embarrassing to read the lengths that some people were willing to go, just to save a few cents. Have you ever heard the expression, “you’re stepping over dollars to pick up dimes”? Well, in this case, that saying couldn’t ring any more true. Regardless, below we have listed the top 21 examples of the most extreme forms of penny pinching. Seriously, some of these frugal jerks are like cheapskates on steroids.

21.) Driving out of the way to save a penny on gas.


20.) Stealing condiments from fast food restaurants.

19.) Filling your purse up with food from a buffet.

18.) Stealing toilet paper from a public restroom.

17.) Using your expired Costco membership in order to fill up on free samples.

16.) Walking back into a business because you were shorted a penny.

15.) Always refusing to tip.

14.) Drinking strangers’ unfinished drinks at the bar.

13.) Dressing up a child like a baby in order to get free admission at an amusement park.

12.) Only flushing the toilet once it becomes full.

11.) Bumming cigarettes off of friends just to sell them for a dollar to someone else.

10.) Floating stamps off of envelopes to avoid paying postage.


9.) Filling up salt and pepper shakers with packets from fast food restaurants.

8.) Placing your own hair in food to receive a free meal.

7.) Eating cat food.

6.) Refusing to poop at home to avoid using your own toilet paper.

5.) Having one light bulb for the entire house


4.) Cutting maxi pads in half.


3.) A family having a strict limit on how much toilet paper they’re allowed to use per day.


2.) Washing paper plates and paper towels for reuse.

1.) Communal bathwater for the entire family.

 How many of these penny pinching techniques do you practice?

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