12 Things That Make Your Bachelor Pad Look Tacky

12 Things That Make Your Bachelor Pad Look Tacky

If there’s anything I’ve learned in college, it’s that younger me had terrible taste when it came to sprucing up my living space. Had I known then what I know now, a lot of trial and error blunder could have been avoided. Seriously, why I ever thought empty liquor bottles was a good look is beyond me. Fortunately, being able to laugh at all of the cringe worthy decisions we’ve made is just one of the perks of growing up.

12 Things That Make Your Bachelor Pad Look Tacky

12.) Improperly Displayed Action Figures/Collectible Toys.

Just so you know, I’m not knocking anyone’s hobbies or passions. As someone who has owned an embarrassing amount of Beanie Babies, I don’t really have any room to talk. Granted, I was 4 years old and would never consider showcasing them today, but it might be doable. With that being said, just about any collection could look tasteful as long as it’s displayed correctly.


11.) Too Much Sports Memorabilia

Again, I’m not ragging on any sports fans. If you love a particular team, that’s great. However, if you dedicate your entire place to said sports team(s), you’re gonna look like a bit of a tool. Obviously, you shouldn’t really care what people think, but too much of any theme is never a good thing.


10.) Christmas Lights Inside

I’ll be honest, my first apartment was decked out in Christmas lights. For some reason, my old roommates and I thought that Christmas lights looked pretty bad ass… So bad ass, that we actually set them up in August and left them there until the day we moved out. Looking back, nothing says freshman girl’s dorm room quite like year round Christmas lights.


9.) Unframed Posters

Unframed Posters? Been there done that. The key with posters is that they need to be framed or mounted in some way or another. Basically, if your using tape or tacks to hang your posters, you’re better off just avoiding them altogether.


8.) Live, Laugh, Love (etc)

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick of the whole Live, Laugh, Love trend. Obviously, it’s definitely more of a chick thing. Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that it looks pretty tacky. Also, picture frames that have the words  ‘Family, Friendship, Love’ fall into this category as well.


7.) Neon Beer Signs

When it comes to alcohol decor, neon beer signs are about as tacky as it gets. Why on earth would you want your bachelor pad to look like a bar? Don’t get me wrong, having a bar in your place is one thing. However, dressing your walls and windows with neon beer signs is a surefire way to make your place look like a cheap dive bar.


6.) Sports Trophies From When You Were A Child

Now, If you wanna have a little award shrine dedicated to yourself, be my guest. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments. Just keep in mind, any participation trophies that you may have received in the very beginning of your athletic career are going to look beyond lame. Showcasing an AYSO participation trophy from when you were 5 years old isn’t exactly a panty dropper.

Look, I'm Good!

5.) Black Leather Couch.

If your furniture looks like it could have been a prop in an adult film, maybe it’s time you start saving up for some new furniture. I don’t know about you, but when I see a black leather couch, there’s two things I think of; no job and bad decisions.


4.) Empty Liquor Bottles & Beer Bottles

This one hits pretty close to home with me. The amount of empty cheap bottles of vodka we had placed on our shelf was damn near embarrassing. Trust me, empties you keep as trophies because you want to show off your binge drinking skills will not make you look cool.


3.) Porn Paraphernalia

Remember how I said that just about any collection could look tasteful? Well, if that collection involves blowup dolls and stacks of old Playboys, it’s safe to say that displaying your porn paraphernalia might raise a few eyebrows. Feel free to do whatever weird things you want to do in private, but subjecting your house guests to a semi-inflated blow up doll slowly seeping into the carpet is a quick way to turn people off.


2.) A Neckbeard Nest.

What’s a neckbeard nest? Basically, a neckbeard nest is a filthy computer desk area. More often than not, neckbeard nests are littered with empty cans, garbage, a gross computer chair, disorganized cables,  etc. The word clean is never associated with neckbeard nests. With that being said, a little cleanliness can go a long way. Also, I realize that there is a difference between disgusting and tacky. Regardless, you should never let your pad go to complete hell.


1.) KEEP CALM AND ____

Whether it’s my news feed, cars ahead of me, tee shirts, or decorations in a friend’s house; I am sick and tired or seeing the ‘KEEP CALM’ bullshit. I don’t care how much of a Chive fan you are, the Keep Calm meme has got to go and it’s not doing your bachelor pad any favors either.


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