10 Weirdest Condom Flavors In The World

10 Weirdest Condom Flavors In The World

bacon condomsCondoms have shifted, from being a method of protection, into a means of recreation as well. The numerous types and colors of condoms; glow in the dark condoms, and of course let’s not forget flavored condoms. Flavored condoms liven things up in the bedroom, and to be frank, a “sour apple” flavored protective film over a man’s you know what will make a BJ a Hell of a lot more enjoyable for his lady friend, and it’s likely to really make the blow-pop! So, producers and consumers alike embraced and extended upon the idea of condoms with unique tastes.

Oddly, flavored condoms are straying from generic and enjoyable flavors like candies and fruits, into bizarre flavors that have you wondering “who even buys these?!”. The 10 absolute strangest condom flavors are listed below: read em and salivate, except you probably won’t.

  1. Bacon– Of course there would be a bacon flavored condom! It completes the circle of a “man’s favorite things ever”, which is A.) receiving oral, and B.) somehow incorporating bacon, even if it’s solely the taste of his magic stick. Let’s just hope your lady friend isn’t a vegetarian…
  2. Whisky– Now you can give “back shots” an entirely new meaning! Once again, no surprise guys would conjure up
    this condom, after all, whisky is a “man’s drink”. Shy of the aforementioned bacon and the golden retriever that acts as man’s best friend, whisky is about 3rd on the most significant to men list, making it an obvious choice for penis-protection flavors. Whisky dick doesn’t have to be a bad thing…every time.
  3. Canabis– So your “love”, really can be her drug. Or, at least taste like it. I don’t really know how I would feel about deep-throating that “dank shit,” but something tells me this was a manufacturer’s “highdea” anyway.
  4. Coffee– A coffee-condom may not give you the caffeine boost one would normally associate with the bean’s robust flavors. But, the delicious taste and familiar aroma may just distract you from the task at hand…or mouth, pun intended.
  5. Durian Fruit (of Indonesia)- This notoriously smelly fruit, with scents that have before been compared to rotten cheese or a post-workout gym bag, strikes me as a disturbing choice for a condom. However, a positive that can come from this potent protector is that it will certainly mask any odors the guy is emitting. The fruit is super popular in Indonesia, though, so stock up for that trip to Southeast Asia.
  6. Menthol– If kissing a smoker is like “kissing an ashtray,” what happens when you shove the entire cigarette in your mouth? I look at this one as men’s way of attempting to “uh-dicked” their partner to behaviors associated with needing condoms. Let’s just hope this condom flavor is a little tastier than menthol-breath, yuck.
  7. Garlic– One of the strongest flavors, and odors, that is wonderful to come home to. It makes for a great home-cooked Italian meal, but probably disgusting to go down on. A garlic “member” is certainly not as delicious as some garlic bread.. but why do I have a feeling Snookie would like these? Gionni(?)…let us know.
  8. Aloe Vera– Because that’s what people wants when they go down on their partner, to be taken back to the days of having soap in their mouths for saying bad words. That type of reverse nostalgia can be sure to kill the mood.
  9. Mint– Now this one doesn’t seem so bad. Mint in gum is good, Mint in ice-cream is freaking good. So, by argument of the enthymeme, mint on a penis is good? Not so much, but I’d rather taste this condom’s minty freshness than many of those flavors above.
  10. Blueberry (Vegan)- Blueberry doesn’t sound so bad. Fruity condom flavors are normal and actually yummy! I could write, if I omitted that the word “vegan” weren’t attached slyly behind the fruity forefront. But it is, and all things vegan taste like cardboard. So, unless you want to give a blow job that tastes like moving out of your college dorm, I suggest you stick with rubbers made with animal fats or oils.

If none of these tastes seem scrumptious to you, I don’t think your man would mind if you went with a ‘raw’ diet, which confusingly is anything but vegan.

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